Corporate Jobs - KAR Global

We have aligned a diverse set of businesses to create KAR Global. It is this diversity that makes us a strong company and allows us to attract and retain top talent in the industry. Employees benefit from career growth and development across our distinct set of business units. They can even explore possibilities throughout North America within the entire KAR Global family of companies like opportunities within our corporate jobs:

  • Training Specialist
  • Title Specialist
  • Support Analyst
  • Skip Trace Specialist
  • Purchase Administrator
  • Series AIX Administrator

At KAR Global, we believe in taking care of our employees, customers and stakeholders. Our 13,000 employees represent a diverse group, and we encourage each one of them to have a say in how we do business. This entrepreneurial spirit promotes a balance that allows us to operate like one company, while still recognizing individual differences.

If a career in one of our corporate jobs at KAR Global sounds like what you’ve been waiting for, join the KAR Global Talent Network today to be on your way to a better career!